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Roma Looking at Hugo Lloris as a Replacement for De Sanctis?

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With an aging Morgan De Sanctis and an inexperienced Lukasz Skorupski in tow, Roma may be lining up a new keeper this summer, possibly in the form of Tottenham's Hugo Lloris.

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Goalkeepers are the late bloomers of football, they're the kid who was eating paste while you were tackling that pesky silent E, the same ones who barely held it together during university yet somehow aced their medical school entrance exams. For whatever reason, keepers simply take longer to develop than their outfield counterparts. It makes no sense, maybe it's the gloves or the awkwardly designed shirts, but they just don't seem to hit their stride till their 30s.

As we discussed earlier this fall, Roma find themselves in an awkward position, having two keepers on complete opposite ends of the  career spectrum. On one end, there's Morgan De Sanctis, the veteran whose leadership and veteran savvy makes up for his declining skills, while on the other end rests young Lukasz Skorupski, built like a brick shithouse, but lacking the proper patience, experience, and tact to make the job his own. Incidentally, if you're planning on building a shithouse, brick really is the way to go; strength and olfactory resistance in one affordable commodity.

So, given that set of odd circumstances, what's an ambitious club to do?

Why, hit the transfer market, of course. Football Italia via Il Messaggero, are reporting that the powers that be aren't yet convinced that Skorupski is ready to take over for De Sanctis and have reportedly begun to compile a list of short-to-medium term options ahead of next season.

In addition to the previously reported connection to want away Chelsea keeper Petr Cech, Football Italia reports that Walter Sabatini has honed his trained eyes on Fiorentina keeper Neto, Spurs and France number one Hugo Lloris and everyone's favorite Italian starlet come Steve Perry impersonator, Mattia Perin.

Four remarkably different candidates, so let's run them down really quickly and see who might be the best and most realist fit, shall we?

Petr Cech: We discussed this one last month, so we'll keep it brief. Cech, 32-years-old, is still young by keepers standards and is about as experienced as they come, with over 300 appearances for Chelsea, to go along with a tidy 13 trophies, so he'd certainly fit the bill as a stopgap solution, and is probably an upgrade over MDS if we're being honest. Throw Cech in between the sticks for three years and watch Skorupski take over right as he's starting to put it all together and Roma could be as good as gold

Neto: Norberto Murara Neto is only 25-years-old, only two years Skorupski's senior, so this one doesn't make quite as much sense, unless the thought is he's a superior option to Lukasz both now and in the future, though he has been a fixture for the Viola this season. However, if the goal is to bide time until Skorupski is ready to take over, this move would only stand in the way.

Mattia Perin: Along with Simone Scuffet, Perin stands as the jewel in Italy's young keeper crown. He's focused, good with angles and even has a pretty decent record on PKs. However, at his age and with that passport, anyone who pries him away from Genoa will likely pay through the nose. Young, talented and charismatic keepers don't come along every day, so he might be tough to pass up regardless of the price, but this signing would surely erase Skorupski's name from Roma's future plans

Hugo Lloris: Now, this is where things get interesting. With Tottenham mired in 12th place, they may remain on the outside of the Champions League looking in again next season, making Lloris and his salary suddenly expendable. Lloris has been a fixture for Spurs since making the move from Lyon prior to the 2012-2013 season, as well as serving as France's number one keeper his past summer in Brazil. What's more, at only 27-years-old, Lloris is a baby by keeper standards; take that age and that resume, and Lloris emerges as the pick of this particular litter. Of course, at that age and with that experience, Lloris could come at a hefty price; expect the bidding to begin around €17m, but he would be a marked upgrade over anything currently on Roma's roster.

So, what do we think? Is Skorupski ready to take over next season, or would one of these names be the safer route?