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Roma Rumor Wrap Up: Strootman to Extend Deal? Destro Back to Inter?

We play a little Roma rumor catch-up and talk a possible Strootman extension and a Destro for Handanovic swap.

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Nothing dampens the spirits or kills the news cycle quite like an international break during a non-competition year. You'll have to forgive me if I don't get excited about Euro 2016 qualifying, at least not this far out from the actual tournament. The weekend did bring some ancillary Roma news and rumors, so let's take a quick look at what may or may not be happening in Rome at the moment.

Destro for Handanovic Swap?

Both Mattia Destro and Samir Handanovic have made the headlines here at CdT over the past several weeks, Destro for his possible return and Handanovic for his possible transfer. Well, guess what? Now some intrepid journalists have concocted a combined transfer involve Destro, who is suddenly the proverbial man without a country, and Handanovic, who simply seems to crave Champions League football.

Quibble though I might with the general process of rumor mongering, this one makes a fair bit of sense. Whether it was at his behest or not, the Destro-Roma marriage seems all but destroyed, and with his Milan future very much in doubt, Desto will need some way to pay the bills next season, so a possible return to his original club might be his best and only option, particularly as Roma has no immediate room and/or need for him with Seydou Doumbia in tow.

As far as Mr Rights make-weight is concerned, Handanovic fits the mold of what Roma is seemingly searching for in a new keeper; early to mid-30's with big game experience, so the only wrinkle remaining would be if Roma can, you know, actually hang onto that Champions League spot.

Strootman To Sign Through 2020?

Talk about a rumor coming out of nowhere. While we were probably correct in assuming that Strootman's lingering knee issued would keep Manchester United at bay for at least another year, the thought of The Washing Machine actually extending his stay in Roma wasn't even on the radar. However, if this rumor holds any water, not only will Strootman remain in Rome through the remainder of this decade, but it would be he, and not Capitano Futuro, Daniele De Rossi, who inherits the arm band from Francesco Totti when that dark day comes.

While I'm in love with the idea of keeping Strootman in Rome for as long as humanly possible, I don't really buy the second half of this tale, unless, of course, De Rossi is moving to MLS ASAP.

Well, that's the news for now, hopefully things will pick up next week. Roma are off until April 4th when they welcome Napoli to the Olimpico in a crucial league match.