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Alisson Opens Up About His Future with Roma


AS Roma v US Sassuolo - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

For a man who has essentially only been a top flight starting goalkeeper for four months, Alisson Becker sure has made a name for himself. Once only known for his Don Draper-like good looks and resplendent beard (Also, what the hell happened to Jon Hamm? All he does now are tax software ads), Alisson has already cemented himself among Serie A’s elite keepers, already standing atop the pyramid by many metrics. Alisson’s heroics have not gone unnoticed on the content, either.

Recently we spoke about the Liverpool and PSG chasing our beloved Brazilian Don Draper, and, well, now we can add an even larger club to the mix, Real Madrid. Yes, the titans of Europe, who once seemed destined to snatch up David De Gea, have now set their sites on Alisson.

If you were a fan of any other club on Earth, you’d greet these rumors with a laugh of haughty derision, sneering condescendingly at the notion your club would sell a 25-year-old keeper on the rise, much less to a club as soulless as PSG or Real. But you’re not, you follow Roma, and as such, you know this pain all too well—Roma chases cash like a junky chases the dragon.

So when Alisson finally opened up about the recent influx of rumors, his purposefully middle of the road response couldn’t have been more foreboding:

I am happy in Rome...It’s always a pleasure to feel that lots of people are monitoring you but my head is focused on Roma. I leave my future in the hands of God.

In June, maybe we will speak about it again but for now I am concentrated on Roma.

Let’s turn to Rodgers and Hammerstein to dissect this one.

Kiss him goodbye.