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Emerson and Dzeko Deals Nearing Completion

Roma and Chelsea have nearly completed a deal that may be worth €60 million.


By Roma transfer standards, the buy one get one half off sale of Emerson Palmieri and Edin Dzeko is moving at a lightning pace. For a club that tends to stretch these things out into weeks, if not months, the component parts of this double sale are coming together in rapid succession.

According to Calciomercato, who really seem to be driving this train, the Palmieri portion of the deal is all but completed, while the Dzeko end of the transfer remains hazy but increasingly likely to happen.

With Dzeko showing some reticence at giving up his weekly starting gig with Roma, it seems as though it took a bit of sweet talk from Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, who reportedly called Dzeko to ease his concerns, clearing the way for this deal to close as early as Tomorrow. Oh, and did we mention they’re doubling his salary to nearly eight million per season?

Funny how a 100% pay increase has a way of erasing all doubts, isn’t it?

Either way, it seems as though Dzeko’s topsy turvy time in the Eternal City is drawing to a close, with TMW citing a €50m + €10m deal heading Roma’s way, though there remains the issue of a Michy Batshuayi loan, which seems to be an additional sticking point as Roma are trying to squeeze him into the deal as well.

So, while no one has put pen to paper, it looks like we’re a mere hours away from another massive shakeup at Roma. Joy.