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Reports: Cristante to Roma Done

Roma may lay down 30M for Italo-Canadian hybrid.

Italy v Argentina - International Friendly Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Say it with me now: another day, another attacking player, another rumor...and hey, another Gianluca Di Marzio story! For a few weeks now we’ve been tracking the Bryan Cristante rumors, which actually first appeared during the waning days of the season, peaking as recently as last week when Cristante reportedly agreed to personal terms with Roma. Well, it appears as though we’ve reached a new rumor summit.

Roughly translated, Di Marzio’s article outlines the framework of a reported €30 million deal between Roma and Atalanta. Per Di Marzio, Roma would take the Italo-Canadian on an initial €5 million loan, with the remaining €25 million being due at some point in the future, though no indication was given if that’s a lump sum payment. Di Marzio also disspells the notion that Roma can offset that cost by shipping Marco Tumminello or Gregoire Defrel the other way, which...fuck, we almost had ‘em!

The remaining wrinkle in this deal is, naturally, Roma’s perpetual nemesis, Financial Fair Play. Speculation has it that Roma cannot announce this deal until July 1st, when the prior year’s FFP window officially closes, and if that is indeed the case, don’t expect this to be the last Cristante update.

While we’ve poured over his bona fides before, Cristante is a big, jack of all trades type player, one who was particularly potent this past season. In 45 appearances this past season (all comps), Cristante racked up a dozen goals and three assists, while averaging 2.1 shots per match, 1.8 tackles per match and 1.3 key passes per match. See? He does a bit of everything.

Of course, if Cristante comes (especially at that price) you can bet your bottom euro that a big name is going the other way, and as we discussed this morning, Roma’s midfield might be primed for a makeover, a midfield that’s full of fan favorites I might add.

Cristante may, to an extent, defy modern labels, but one thing is for certain: this won’t be a cut and dry move, folks will be upset, especially if he starts eating spaghetti with maple syrup.