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Kluivert Negotiations Continue Between Roma and Ajax (Update: €20M Deal Reached)

The price is slowly creeping up for Patrick’s pride and joy.

Ajax v Feyenoord - Eredivisie Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Now that Ante Coric has been officially welcomed to fold and Bryan Cristante remains but a formality, the rest of Monchi’s transfer window has come into sharper focus: the Ajax duo of Hakim Ziyech and Justin Kluivert. Late last week we received word that Ziyech had informed his Moroccan teammates that he was leaving Ajax for Roma, and while this in and of itself won’t guarantee a scarfing, it’s as good a sign as you’ll see in these circumstances.

While no tangible progress has been made towards landing Ziyech, around the same time he was divulging his future to his countryman, Justin Kluivert went on an Instagram liking spree for any and all Roma content, leading many to believe Kluivert had chosen his next locale in heart if not body.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Monchi sprung into action, launching a Sabatini-style laughable first bid for Kluivert, reportedly as low as €8 to €10 million, which was summarily rejected out of hand by Ajax. To be fair to Monchi, though, the combination of Kluivert’s expiring deal (next year) and his admiration, if not outright selection of Roma, does give Monchi a bit of leverage.

Nevertheless, Ajax were not terribly happy with that first salvo, leading to the ongoing negotiations of the 19-year-old winger. According to multiple sources, Roma have upped their offer to the €18 to €20 million range, which may or may not be inclusive of bonuses. If and when this deal becomes official, Roma will reportedly offer Kluivert a five-year deal, somewhere in the €1.5 to €2 million neighborhood.

Kluivert is widely regarding as one of the best prospects on the continent—he was good for 10 goals and 5 assists this past season as a teenager—so €20 million could very well prove a bargain in the not too distant future.

He likely won’t be an immediate upgrade or even a starter, but his bag of skills is incredibly intriguing.

Update: Italian journalist Alessandro Austini says it’s nearly a done deal, €15 million up front, €5 million in bonuses and a future percentage of any sale.