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Roma Confirms Malcom Transfer (Update: Deal on Hold, Barca Offers More)

While we await the official announcement and hoopla, Roma did confirm they reached an agreement for Malcom

AS Roma

As we wind down the days of summer and a new Serie A season creeps upon us, Monchi remains busy putting the final touches on Roma’s 2018-2019 roster. We all know about his manic June, signing nine players before the transfer window technically even opened, but ever since then Monchi has been chillin in the cut, grooming his beard and probably watching highlights of his old saves, amping himself up to take over for Alisson, whom he spun off to Liverpool in last week’s record breaking move.

Flush with sixty some odd million in cash, Monchi made a combo of moves today, landing Swedish/Danish keeper Robin Olsen for a reported €8.5 million and wrapping up a deal for Bordeaux winger Malcom. Olsen has already landed in Rome and will reportedly take his medical examination tomorrow.

But that’s the subheading, the big news here is the capture of Malcom. While the club didn’t reveal the specifics of the deal, it is widely reported that Roma will pay €36 million to Bordeaux before all is said and done, with Malcom agreeing to a five year deal that pays €2.5 million. In landing Malcom, Roma have captured one of the game’s brightest young prospects, beating Inter Milan and Everton to the punch.

We’ll pass along updates when they become available, but suffice it to say, this is a big, big signing.


Multiple sources, including Roma TV, indicate that Roma’s deal with Bordeaux is on hold because Barcelona have entered the fray, reportedly topping Roma’s offer of €36 million. Malcom did not board his flight to Rome, apparently.

Stay tuned.