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Bailey, Forsberg Rumors Shot Down by Clubs, Agents

Roma’s search for a right winger continues...

Sportfreunde Siegen v Bayer Leverkusen - Pre Season Friendly Match Photo by Juergen Schwarz/Getty Images

While Monchi has had a successful summer on the transfer market, wrapping up ten purchases before Bastille Day, Roma remain in a very unfortunate and in some ways disadvantageous position for several reasons. First and foremost, the entire world knows what they’re looking for (a left-footed right winger) and the entire world knows they’re flush with cash after selling Alisson for a world record fee. Further compounding matters, the entire world also knows they’re increasingly desperate after being done dirty by Bordeaux and Malcom earlier this week. The confluence of these factors could make Roma ripe for the plucking.

In the wake of the Malcom fiasco, Roma are searching far and wide for a new, well, wide player. Their initial focus seems to revolve around three names: Federico Chiesa, Emil Forsberg and Leon Bailey, each of whom fit the bill as Roma’s would be right winger, and each of whom fall within the €35 to €45 million range...under normal circumstances.

The problem for Monchi is simply this: despite that injection of cash, Roma doesn’t appear to have the leverage in any of these potential negotiations. To wit, Monchi’s counterparts with Leverkusen and Leipzig have either a) denied any contact or offers have been received, or b) stated they want to keep the player, while Fiorentina seemingly won’t let Chiesa go for a penny less than €60 million.

While this is all part and parcel of the transfer dance, given their narrow focus and well-publicized finances, not to mention the fact that the season starts in less than a month, Monchi won’t receive any favors from his colleagues, so if EDF really wants or needs another winger, Roma will either have to overpay for their target of choice, or settle for the next best alternative.

And at this point, I’m not sure which of those scenarios is worse, but one thing is for certain: Roma will probably never break another transfer fee record, so it’s imperative that this Alisson cash is spent wisely.