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Marseilles Could Make Offer for Strootman

It’s said that Rudi Garcia could try to bring the Dutchman to the south of France.

Torino FC v AS Roma - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

The transfer market in Italy closed last week, which means Roma can no longer bring in new faces this summer. However, other markets are still open, which means Roma could still sell players. Yesterday, rumors emerged of Spanish team tracking Diego Perotti. Today, the big rumor is that our old friend Rudi Garcia would love to bring Kevin Strootman to Marseilles.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Marseilles are looking to bring in a big name after selling Andre-Frank Zambo Anguissa to Fulham for €33 million. After missing out on their primary target, which was said to be Mario Balotelli, Marseilles have turned their attention to Strootman. Strootman is said to be valued at no less than €30 million by Roma and reports claim that an official offer could be made in the next 48 hours. So will the deal happen? Gazzetta game rationale both for and against a potential deal.

Why It Might Happen

  • Strootman and Garcia have a good relationship from their time together at Roma.
  • Marseilles is open to giving Strootman a raise on his €3.2 million annual salary.
  • Garcia is in need of a strong midfielder after the sale of Anguissa.
  • Marseilles would like to appease their fan base with a big name after missing out on Balotelli.
  • Roma have added a lot of depth to the midfield and Strootman may see himself as less valued than in previous seasons.

Why It Might Not Happen

  • Strootman feels a loyalty to Roma and a connection to the city of Rome.
  • Strootman has a newborn daughter which makes moving difficult.
  • Marseilles is only playing in the Europa League, while Roma are playing the Champions League. With PSG ruling France, Marseilles are probably less likely to make a run at the Ligue 1 title than Roma at the Scudetto. With this in mind, Marseilles is a downgrade rather than upgrade from an on the field standpoint.

While it’s entirely possible that Marseilles do come in with an offer in the next 48 hours, I find it unlikely that this deal comes to fruition. Even with added depth in the midfield, I find it unlikely that the club would deprive itself of one of it’s veteran leaders with the Italian market already closed. While it can be argued that Strootman isn’t quite as a valuable from a playing standpoint as in seasons past. Even with the addition of players like Pastore, Cristante and Nzonzi, I still believe he will be a key member of Roma’s midfield rotation during a long, busy season. Monchi worked hard this summer to build up depth for EDF, and I find it hard to believe Strootman would be sold, unless both he and the club are floored by the French side’s offer.