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Roma to Meet Higuain's Brother-Agent Tomorrow

Someone just end this, please.

Juventus v FC Internazionale - 2019 International Champions Cup Photo by Fred Lee/Getty Images

We're closing in on the eighth month of the year, one in which the Italian transfer window slams shut on the 23rd, and at this point in time Roma's prime concerns seem to be locking down a second central defender and corralling that elusive center forward. For today's exercise we'll focus on the forwards, and at this point in time, we've discussed all the nominal candidates—Mauro Icardi, Diego Costa, Gonzalo Higuain and even the crazy notion of just keeping Edin Dzeko—and much like any election, each candidate is a mixed bag of promises, results and disappointments.

Of course, you don't have to be the most ardent Roma supporter to figure out which of those names is performing the best in the Petrachi Poll: Gonzalo Higuain, a man Petrachi has been chasing, both covertly and overtly, for the past six weeks. While that's all well and good, it's not exactly in harmony with his opening press conference in which he said “Roma isn’t a branch that you can just swing off. Whoever comes to this club has to want to be here.”

Thus far, Higuain's actions don't paint the picture of someone who wants to play for Roma. I suppose we can grant him a bit of leeway if we assume that he was honest in his desire to claim his spot at Juventus, but the writing has been on the wall there for months; he has no place in Maurizio Sarri's Juventus and Roma is probably his next best alternative, yet he's kept Petrachi at arm's length for nearly two months now.

The latest update in the saga that no one seems to want is an interesting one, a meeting with Higuain's BroAgent, Nicolas, which may occur as soon as Monday afternoon. If the meeting is productive and Pipito is convinced by Roma: Year Zero, expect the wheels to move quickly, as Roma will have to land Higuain and sell Dzeko to Inter all within two to three weeks. If, however, Higuian isn't convinced, Roma will reportedly turn their attention to Radamel Falcao, Mariano Diaz or even Ben Yedder.

The final merits of this deal will obviously depend on the financial hit Roma takes to absorb Higuain, but let's pray that they don't do something stupid like hand Juventus another young player in exchange for a depreciating asset.