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Tiago Pinto Pours Cold Water on Ronaldo to Roma Links

Cristiano Ronaldo could be on the move come January, but he won’t be coming to Roma.

AS Roma Women Training Session Photo by Fabio Rossi/AS Roma via Getty Images

With the World Cup in full swing and Italy at home on the couch watching like the rest of us, we Romanisti will no doubt be chomping at the bit for the season to resume in a month time.

In the meantime, all we can do is get comfortable and soak up all the transfer rumors that will come our way between now and when the second half of the season starts.

With that being said, Tiago Pinto was quick to get in front of one rumor: Roma and Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo and Manchester United are on a collision course for a messy divorce, and the rumor mill is already working overtime by linking Ronaldo with old manager Jose Mourinho and Roma.

Depending on how you feel about Ronaldo - particularly in this phase of his career - you may be breathing a sigh of relief at this reveal from Pinto. Let’s be honest though - the probability of Ronaldo actually joining Roma was always virtually nonexistent. Between the wages, his age, the lack of UCL football - and let’s not even get started on the likely 7-shirt controversy were Ronaldo to join. There’s just too many factors at play for this ever to have been a serious option for either party.

I suppose you can argue that Pinto hasn’t officially closed the door on bringing Ronaldo in if the numbers were right, but the Giallorossi are just not in a position to bring in a player like the Portuguese superstar at this point in time. This is a move you’d make if you were one piece away and he’d fit the system perfectly, and that rules Roma out from the get-go.

Even Napoli, who theoretically could use a player like Ronaldo to tighten their grip on the Scudetto, reportedly shot down a move for a variety of reasons - system fit being one of them.

Although I do fall on the Ronaldo side of the aisle in the eternal Messi-Ronaldo debate, and hope he does well at his next club, a move to the Giallorossi would likely be an unwise decision by both parties - although I think we all know the official unveiling would be quite the spectacle.