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Roma Youth & Reserves

Zara Kramzar Named Most Promising Young Player in Europe

The 17-year-old midfielder has barely featured for Roma, but her talent is undeniable. Earlier this week, she was named the most promising young player in Europe!

Ranking Roma's Youth, #1: Edoardo Bove

Young. Roman. Passionate. Grinta. Good Looks. Edoardo Bove has what it takes the be the next face of AS Roma.

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #2: Nicola Zalewski

There’s no doubt that Nicola Zalewski is a senior squad player now; the question is just how high his star can rise (and what position he’ll be playing).

Ranking Roma's Youth, #3: Julen Jon Guerrero

The son of a Bilbao legend, Julen Jon Guerrero is poised to make a name for himself with Roma's Primavera. And if all goes according to plan, he'll be our new Dybala.

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #4: Riccardo Pagano

An explosive season at the Primavera level has earned Pagano a spot on Roma’s first team at just 18 years of age and the future looks bright for one of Roma’s most highly touted academy products.

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #5: Giacomo Faticanti

Tired Jack (no, that’s not his nickname) might be Roma’s most exciting Primavera prospect. But will he be sticking around the club for long enough to follow in his idol Daniele De Rossi’s footsteps?

Ranking Roma's Youth, #6: Marash Kumbulla

He hasn't had an easy time in the Eternal City, but Marash Kumbulla can still blossom into a solid Serie A defender.

Ranking Roma's Youth, #7: Mile Svilar

Up three spots from last season, the club's number two keeper could see more time on the pitch this season before making the job his own.

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #8: Niccolò Pisilli

The recent U-19 Euros Champion and U-20 World Cup Finalist has a stacked midfield ahead of him in the depth chart, but could prove to be a great long-term investment.

Ranking Roma's Youth, #9: Dimitrios Keramitsis

The young Greek center-back impressed during his first full season with Roma's Primavera side. With his contract set to expire this season, he could force his way into the senior team picture before too long.

Ranking Roma's Youth, #10: Giulio Misitano

We kick off our U-23 countdown with an Italian/American hybrid who scores goals for fun, but can he break Roma's striker hex?

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Ranking Roma's Youth, 2023: A Top 10 U-23 Countdown

For the 10th straight year, we're running through the best and brightest of Roma's U-23 set.

Cristian Totti Signs With Frosinone Primavera

He's still a couple of steps away from the big leagues, but the younger Totti is poised to make a name for himself, leaving the Roma academy to sign with Frosinone's Primavera side.

Reports: Roma Sign Julen Jon Guerrero From Real Madrid

Another free agent signing — but is this one for the Primavera or the senior squad?

Roma Signs Five Youth Players to New Deals, Including Alice Corelli

Led by standout U-21 forward Alice Corelli, Roma signed five of their most promising prospects to new deals yesterday. The future is bright indeed!

Report: Giacomo Faticanti Requests Transfer

One of Roma’s top prospects is reportedly looking to leave the Capital for more playing time.

Nicola Zalewski Named to 2022 European Golden Boy Shortlist

The 20-year-old Polish international's dream start continues, as Zalewski made the final 20-man shortlist for the European Golden Boy Award.

Ranking Roma's Youth, #1: Nicolò Zaniolo

No surprises here. For the fourth-straight year, Nico takes the top spot!

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #2: Roger Ibañez

Next up in our Top 10 U-23 countdown is center-back Roger Ibañez. In his last year of eligibility and for the second year running, Roger comes in at #2 in our U-23 countdown.

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #3: Nicola Zalewski

Nicola Zalewski stepped up when Leonardo Spinazzola’s injury left a gaping hole in Roma’s left flank. The only question now: where can he go from here?

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #4: Marash Kumbulla

Roma’s 22-year-old center-back enters his third season in the capital and this one could make or break his Roma career. But make no mistake: this kid is incredibly talented.

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #5: Cristian Volpato

He’s the star of Francesco Totti’s agency. Can he become a star at the Roman legend’s former club too?

Ranking Roma’s Youth #6: Edoardo Bove

Roma’s baby-faced midfielder looks set to be a consistent part of José Mourinho’s rotations this season. The real question is: can he force his way into the starting eleven?

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #7: Riccardo Calafiori

The Roman’s star took a hit last season, but at just 20 years old there’s plenty of time for him to rebound.

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #8: Felix Afena-Gyan

Next up in our Top 10 U-23 countdown is young Felix Afena-Gyan. We all remember the night in Genoa, but this kid should provide Roma fans with plenty more reasons to smile in the future. Young Felix clocks in at #8 in our U-23 countdown.

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #9: Giacomo Faticanti

The youngest player in our 2022 rankings looks to have all the tools to eventually become an important member of Roma’s first team.

Ranking Roma's Youth, #10: Mile Svilar

We still don't know much about this kid, but he's got great hair and if all goes according to plan, he could be Roma’s netminder the next decade. If not, well, he still has great hair.

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Ranking Roma's Youth: 2015

This stream has:

Ranking Roma's Youth, 2022: A Top 10 U-23 Countdown

Zalewski, Bove, and Afena-Gyan Nominated for 2022 Golden Boy Award

Nicola Zalewski, Edoardo Bove and Felix Afena-Gyan all received nominations, but is this the year a Roma player takes home the award?

Alberto De Rossi Named Roma's New Head of Youth Coach Development

No, he's not coaching the kids anymore, but Alberto De Rossi's imprint will remain on Roma's youth ranks now that he's taking on an advisory role with the club.

Official: Roma Extends Contracts Of Bove, Darboe, and Zalewski

It’s paycheck time for several Primavera graduates, as three of Roma’s most exciting prospects are given multi-year contracts.


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