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Roma Youth & Reserves

Updated & Official: Calafiori Signed Through 2025

According to multiple reports, Roma are set to sign their 18-year-old left-back star in the making to a new deal.

Roma Loan Updates: Florenzi Flourishes While Everyone Else Flounders

With nearly 25% of the European season in the books, we check in with Roma's army of loanees to see how they're's not pretty.

Roma Extends New Deals For Primavera Trio

Ruben Providence, Nicola Zalewski and Riccardo Ciervo each received new deals this week.

Ruben Providence Propels Primavera in 4-0 Derby Rout Over Lazio

A few more performances like this and Providence could start making waves in Roma.

Corelli and Petrara Goals Defeat Juventus as Roma Finish Undefeated Season as Primavera Champs

After not dropping a single point all season, the Primavera women rightfully took the league title against Juventus.

Ranking Roma's Youth, #1: Nicolo Zaniolo

Sure, he just got injured, but could there be any other?

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #2: Amadou Diawara

If Roma avoid selling Amadou Diawara, it’ll be the best thing the club do this season.

Ranking Roma’s Youth: #3 Roger Ibañez

The Brazilian took the capital by storm during the summer restart. Could he be Roma’s next great central defender?

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #4: Justin Kluivert

Can Justin Kluivert make the leap during his third season with the Giallorossi?

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #5: Cengiz Ünder

Can this be the year that Roma’s Turkish Khan becomes a consistent star for the Giallorossi?

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #6: Gonzalo Villar

In just a half season in the Italian capital, the young Spaniard has already begun to turn heads.

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #7: Carles Pérez

Low-key and he can do everything well in the final third. Roma’s frontline is Carles’ oyster.

Ranking Roma’s Youth, #8: Riccardo Calafiori

After making his first-team debut in August, the Roman teenager makes our Top 10 for the first time.

Ranking Roma's Youth, #9: Daniel Fuzato

Is he the next Alisson or merely roster filler? We're about to find out...

Ranking Roma's Youth, #10: Alessio Riccardi

Riccardi has the skills and potential to be the club's next great Roman and will test his mettle with Pescara before returning home.

Ranking Roma’s Youth: Honorable Mentions

It’s a new season, which means it’s time to search the Roma U-23 ranks for A New Hope.

This stream has:

Ranking Roma's Youth, 2020: An U-23 Countdown

Who are the top 10 U-23 talents in Roma's organization?

AS Roma Women U-23 Countdown, 2020 Edition: The Top Five Talents

Swaby, Giugliano, Bonfantini, Greggi, Serturini. Who will take the top honors this year?

AS Roma Women U-23 Countdown, 2020 Edition: Part I

Roma has A TON of u-23 talent on the squad, here are five of the finest the Giallorosse have to offer: #s 10-6 in our second ever U-23 countdown.

Riccardo Calafiori Could Be Roma’s First Sale of the Season

Roma has a host of financial problems and the Primavera left-back has a host of suitors

This stream has:

Primavera Deep-Dive: A Look at Roma's Academy Graduates

In this series, we look at the success rate of Roma academy graduates over the past ten to fifteen years.

Primavera Deep-Dive Pt. IV: Comparing Impact of Top Clubs’ Academy Grads

We’ve explored Roma’s academy production over the last two decades, but how do the Giallorossi stack up against Italy’s best clubs?

Roma Primavera Deep-Dive, Pt. III: Could Any Recent Graduates Help Roma Now?

Many players of the players who came through the Roma youth ranks during are playing top tier football elsewhere. But, would any of them fit into Fonseca’s Roma?

Roma Primavera Deep Dive Pt. II: Comparing the Talent of the 2000s vs Today

Roma's Primavera in the 2000s gave us Daniele De Rossi and Alberto Aquilani, but not much top talent since. Has the well really run dry? Or should we change the lens through which we judge talent?

Roma Primavera Deep-Dive Pt.I: Notable Graduates from 2010-17

Just how much top flight talent has Roma’s youth sector turned out over the last decade?

Amadou Diawara Plays 60 Minutes in 3-3 Primavera Draw with Inter

Amadou Diawara started and played 60 minutes in a frenetic Roma Primavera match at the Tre Fontane.

CdS: Daniele De Rossi Could Take Primavera Coaching Gig Next Season

Oh brother, this would be sweet!

Roma Loan Updates: Winter 2020 Edition

Florenzi’s move abroad means Roma have 80-100 million euros of talent on loan elsewhere. So how are they doing?

Loan Report: Checking in With Olsen, Schick, Karsdorp and More

You may have forgotten some of these guys remained under contract.

Nicolo Zaniolo Shortlisted for Golden Boy

Surprise, surprise: the Zan Man is up for another award!

Official: Despite Second ACL Tear, Roma Renews Devid Bouah Until 2024

A statement of intent from the Giallorossi, and a positive sign for the young fullback.

Devid Bouah Tears ACL in Left Knee

Crushing news for one of Roma's best young prospects, who had only just returned following an ACL injury in his right knee.


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