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Across the Romaverse Podcast, #47: Euro 2020 Preview

We take a look at the upcoming Euro tournament to discuss Roma’s role, the Azzurri, and make our predictions.

Italy Players Attend Sogno Azzurro TV Show Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

After a year's suspension, the Euros are finally here. It’s 2021, but Euro 2020 will be in full swing in just a week’s time when the Azzurri host Turkey in the opening match of the tournament in Rome. We’ll be covering the tournament and Italy in particular throughout, so what better way to kick off our coverage than with a pod devoted to it?

Sean and I sat down to discuss the tournament as a whole. In the episode, he explains his cynicism toward international football, while I take the more optimistic approach. We look at the tournament from a Roma perspective, Italy perspective, and the tournament wide.

Listen in to hear us discuss the following:

  • Our feelings toward international competition
  • Sean’s theory on why some teams may have an advantage
  • An overview of the tournament setup
  • A breakdown of the groups
  • Roma inclusions and exclusions
  • Italy’s squad and who could have the biggest impact
  • What makes a successful tournament for the Azzurri?
  • Current favorites and betting odds
  • Plus, we make predictions on the winner, golden boot, surprise squad, breakout player, dark horse, and teams that could falter.

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