Round up of giornata 5


Quick hits, MOTM awards, and highlights for match day 5

The benches are gettin' longer.


Major news for Serie A: Benches are now 12 deep instead of 7. 2008-09 Luciano Spalletti weeps. (Not that he had any bodies to put in those seats, mind.)

Bloomberg: Roma Goes Moneyball


An interesting read about the balance between Roma's attempts to pay off debts, trim wages, and unearth the games next generation of stars, while trying to boost the clubs reputation and recognition worldwide. Its an interesting debate: Can Roma truly be a big club without signing star players or by selling homegrown players once they become stars?

Bars in Rome


Anyone watching the Olympics from the Nag's Head?

Roma-Jung Deal Off


Eintracht Frankfurt have rescinded the deal and decided to keep Jung for this coming season. The Tacthsidis and Bradley deals, which seemed certain locks a week ago, are each facing hurdles, with respect to possible loanees going the otherway. It's been an interesting and frustrating summer so far, hasn't it?

A.S. Roma Hall of Fame Voting Open


As promised, here is the link to the fan-portion of the Hall of Fame voting, starting with the goalkeepers, with votes on midfielders and forwards to follow on a weekly basis. Note: voting requires at least a Bronze level membership, which is free.

Borini Deadline Tonite


The deadline for Parma and Roma to settle on his full ownership rights is tonite at 7PM. Should an agreement not be reached, the blind auction will take place Saturday morning. Reports indicate that Liverpool is ready to pounce with an offer of €12M, regardless of who wins the bid.

A Dearth of Quality Center Backs


Sure our Centrebacks are terrible, but maybe everyone else's are terrible too... but ours seem to be worse. Interesting article, I know a few names have been thrown around here as replacements this summer but are any of them really going to make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, especially since none of them aren't in the top tier. (Granted: Marcotti's Top Tier is definitely up for debate)