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Game Threads

Lazio vs. Roma: Lineups & Game Thread

It's derby time!

Roma vs. Udinese: Lineups & Game Thread

Serie A, Matchday 5

Hellas Verona vs. Roma: Lineups & Game Thread

Serie A Matchday 4

Roma vs. CSKA Sofia: Lineups & Game Thread

Europa Conference League, Matchday 1

Roma vs. Sassuolo: Lineups & Game Thread

Serie A, Matchday 3

Salernitana vs. Roma: Lineups & Game Thread

Mourinho's second Serie A match features an away fixture to newly-promoted Salernitana. Can Roma make it four in a row?

Roma vs. Trabzonspor: Lineups & Game Thread

Europa Conference League Playoff, second leg.

Roma vs. Fiorentina: Lineups & Game Thread

It's opening day in Serie A!

Italy vs. England, Euro 2020 Final: Lineups & Game Thread

It's coming...

England vs. Denmark, Euro 2020 Semifinals: Game Thread

Denmark loses a slipper and that slipper is never found again, if England has its way on the Danes’ Cinderella story.

Italy vs. Spain, Euro 2020 Semifinals: Lineups & Game Thread


Euro 2020, Quarterfinals: Matchday Open Thread

We're almost there! Europe's Elite Eight square off over the next two days as we wind our way towards next week's finale. Up today: Switzerland vs. Spain and Italy vs. Belgium

Euro 2020, Round of 16: Matchday Open Thread

With 14 goals and more drama than you can stand, yesterday's Round of 16 fixtures was a prime advertisement for knockout football. Can the final day of the Round of 16 live it to that billing?

Euro 2020, Round of 16: Matchday Open Thread

The Round of 16 continues with two more juicy matchups: Croatia vs. Spain and France vs. Switzerland

Euro 2020, Round of 16: Matchday Open Thread

After two tight matches yesterday, Sunday's Round of 16 action has plenty to live up to.

Euro 2020, Round of 16: Matchday Open Thread

Now that the Round of 16 is upon us, the real action is set to begin!

Euro 2020, Day 13: Matchday Open Thread

The final day of group stage play sees Groups E & F battle for entry into the Round of 16.

Euro 2020, Matchday 12: Open Thread

Group D takes center stage with all four teams with a chance at progression to the Round of 16.

Euro 2020, Day 11: Matchday Open Thread

Group A had their turn yesterday, now the fates of Groups B & C are on the line as Euro 2020 kicks off a new week.

Euro 2020, Day 10: Matchday Open Thread

Group A takes center stage as we swing into the final round of group stage matches.

Euro 2020, Day 9: Matchday Open Thread

Day nine of Euro 2020 brings yet another scintillating matchup as Portugal and Germany go toe to toe in the midday match.

Euro 2020, Day 8: Matchday Open Thread

Day eight may be lacking in total star power, but it features three crucial fixtures that could determine the outcomes of Group D & E.

Euro 2020, Day 7: Matchday Open Thread

Groups B & C take center stage as Euro 2020 pushes into day seven.

Euro 2020, Day 6: Matchday Open Thread

Day six features Italy and Finland in contention to qualify for the Round of 16. Can they make it happen decisively?

Euro 2020, Day 5: Matchday Open Thread

Day five features the defending champs in Portugal and the best matchup of the opening round: Germany vs. France.

Euro 2020, Day 4: Matchday Open Thread

The Euros start the work week with a trio of intriguing matches including Robert Lewandowski and Poland's first match against Slovakia.

Euro 2020, Day 3: Matchday Open Thread

Day three sees Harry Kane and England kick off Sunday with perhaps the match of the weekend against Croatia.

Euro 2020, Day 2: Matchday Open Thread

Euro 2020 swings into Saturday with Wales vs. Switzerland, Denmark vs. Finland and Belgium vs. Russia.

Turkey vs. Italy: Lineups & Game Thread

Euro 2020 is here!

Milan vs. Roma, Coppa Italia Finale: Lineups & Game Thread

Let's get this bread!

Manchester City vs. Chelsea: Champions League Final Open Thread

It's the so-called Super Bowl of Soccer today. Roma aren't playing, but that doesn't mean we can't vicariously enjoy the match together.

Spezia vs. Roma: Lineups & Game Thread

It's Farewell Fonseca day as Roma takes on Spezia in the final match of the season.


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