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Roma vs. PSG, Live Stream: TV schedule, and How to Watch the ICC

Roma vs. PSG at Comerica Park

Brazil v Peru: Group B - Copa America Centenario Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images


Location: Comerica Park, Detroit.

Kick-off time: 8PM EDT


TV: ESPN2, ESPN Deportes

Online: ESPN Deportes USA, ESPN Deportes Radio, ESPN2 USA, ESPN Deportes+ USA,WatchESPN (United States). TLN (Canada)

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The ICC isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite pre-season tournament, but how often do we get to watch Roma play against Paris Saint Germain, let alone in the house that Miguel Cabrera built? While it will be fun to see some of the new faces in action, given the several key positions Monchi has yet to fill, this match may be a bit of a hodge podge, but we’ve been without Roma for over two months!