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Roma vs. Spurs, Live Stream: TV schedule, and How to Watch the ICC

Roma vs. Spurs from New York, well, New Jersey

International Champions Cup 2017 - AS Roma v Paris Saint-Germain


Location: Red Bull Arena. Harrison, NJ.

Kick-off time: 8PM EDT


TV: ESPN2, ESPN Deportes

Online: ESPN Deportes USA, ESPN Deportes Radio, ESPN2 USA, ESPN Deportes+ USA,WatchESPN (United States). TLN (Canada)

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There a lot of parallels between Roma and Spurs, one can imagine the Giallorossi following a similar trajectory to their London cousins if they had an injection of that sweet, sweet Premiership TV money. But wishing is best kept for dreams. Tonight’s match, though lacking in significance of any sort, will give EDF a chance to iron out the wrinkles and give a few of the kids a chance to shine.