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Next On The Payroll: Wahbi Khazri's Right Foot

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A couple of days before the Chelsea match we dug deep into the internets for something on the rumor for this Wahbi Khazri of Bastia (stats: 22, attacker, Tunisies, 34, 28, 31), and after much pain, blood, sweat, tears, heartache, and one solitary Google search of his name, this video popped up. Obviously YouTube is a rather terrible way to scout a player, but unless you've watched a lot of Bastia in the last few years, especially while they were a ways down the league ladder, then this is as good as it gets. And upon viewing said clip, the response was universal:

Damn that's a world class right foot. Like Chris Tucker-in-Friday 'damn.'


What else can he do? Not a damn clue. So right now he's Julio Baptista, basically. But he's at least half Roma's, reportedly, as outed by Jean-Michel Aulas, president of Lyon, in what wasn't really a secret anyway. The idea and strong rumor has been a combined purchase with Sassuolo, picking Wahbi up from Bastia with each club getting half, then sending him to Sassuolo to earn his Serie A stripes for a year. Maybe he can grab Dodo by the ear and drag him to Sassuolo for a year as he passes through Rome. Maybe they decided against it and want to bring him right to Rome. Who knows. But it would appear his signing is imminent in some form.


Oh, and this is your Pitbull/Shakira warning. You're welcome.

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This one is a bit more comprehensive - as much as a YT video can be, anyway.

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(Apologies for the embedding problem, but at least France doesn't yank them from YouTube altogether. Small steps.)