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Michael Bradley to Toronto FC Nearly Done

It looks as if one of the more controversial Roma signings of the American regime has come to an abrupt and surprising end. With a reported €7m on the table from Toronto FC, Bradley's days as a Roman may be done.

Paolo Bruno

While we're not necessarily breaking the news, where else on the internet is Michael Bradley discussed more than in the pews of Chiesa di Totti? If you were stuck at work, in traffic or submerged in a snowdrift somewhere, you may have missed the latest and juiciest bit of news in Romaland, the potential sale of Roma's now surplus midfielder, 26-year-old Michael Bradley, to Toronto FC of the MLS.

Multiple media outlets on both sides of the Atlantic are now reporting that the deal is done, with Bradley heading to the jewel of Canada for a reported €7m, though the figures vary between the European and North American outlets; conversions are hard. While it will take a while to digest this move--what his signing meant in the first place, how he performed, and the legacy he leaves--one thing is for certain, if Walter Sabatini managed to nearly double his investment on the American midfielder, while simultaneously offsetting the initial down payment on Radja Nainggolan, someone get his canonization application to Pope Francis, pronto! The man is a chain smoking saint.

So, besides playing time, what's in this for Michael? After all, there can be no debate; the MLS is a massive step down from the Serie A. For that answer, let's turn to the folks at the World Wide Leader:

Sources confirmed that the proposed financial commitment TFC is making is considerable. MLS is poised to sign Bradley to a contract in the five to six-year range at an annual salary in the neighborhood of $6.5 million. There was conflicting data in terms of the transfer fee, with one overseas source indicating that Roma expects to receive $7 million and multiple MLS sources stating that the Italian club will receive in excess of $10 million.

I don't have the particulars of Bradley's Roma deal on hand, but, suffice it to say, he's getting a hefty raise. It has pretty much become par for the course for the MLS: if you want to lure top American talent back to the homeland, you gotta pony up.

So, while we await legitimately official news of this move, let's bid Arrivederci to Michael. Congratulations on your nearly $40 million deal, thank you for your 41 appearances, two goals and two assists. If we find the time, we'll give Michael a more proper farewell, after all, he was one of the more contentious signings in club history, but for now, let's put a quick cap on today's rumors.

Sanabria Reveals Roma Deal

The last two times Roma dipped into the Barcelona B pool, things didn't work out too well. One was too short, the other short tenured. But that hasn't stopped folks from getting pretty stoked about the capture of teenage striker Antonio Sanabria. Roma has reportedly secured the Paraguayan for €3m, though, due to the vagaries of international football, he won't officially be a Roma player until the summer, spending the remainder of this season at either Sampdoria or Sassuolo.

Paredes: I’m a Roma Player

I am a Roma player. I’m very happy, it was what I wanted...I’m only a little confused, I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly....To play with Francesco Totti? He is an idol of Roma. For me, it is an immense pleasure to be in the same stadium, with the same people.  The fans of Boca are know around the world but also the Giallorossi are very welcoming. I am looking forward to playing

We knew this one for a day or so, but let's throw it in here anyway. He may or may not be the next, or even a better, Erik Lamela, but he's all Roma's now. Whether it's a permanent move right out the gate remains to be seen, but, at the very least, Paredes is a Roma employee for the next 18 months.

Abner Confirms Move to Roma

Another move we've been discussing for several weeks appears all but official, with Roma at long last landing the signature of the young Brazilian left-back. Again, this is probably a long term move, but you have to like the potential of this one.

So that's it for now, if you had any doubts about it before, it is now officially Saba Season. In the span of a mere two or three days, Sabatini has managed to snare two of the games more intriguing attacking prospects, an injured-but-potentially great left back, and, by signing Radja Nainggolan, put the wraps on Italy's best midfield.