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The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: Midseason Edition, Part II

Part two of our midseason review focuses on the future: What changes does Roma need to make to ensure a successful first season under Mourinho?

The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: Midseason Edition, Part I

With 19 matches in the books, the CdT crew assembled to pour over the highs and lows of Mourinho's first few months at the helm.

Roma at the Quarter-Pole: Strengths, Weaknesses & What Comes Next

With 10 Serie A matches in the books, we take a look at where Roma stands and what to expect over the coming weeks and months.

Seven Questions After Seven Serie A Matches

Now is not the time for any definitive judgements, but with Roma's hot start, we can discuss our shifting expectations for Mourinho's first year in the capital.

Roundtable Transfer Market Review: Quick Starts, Setting Expectations & Missing Pieces

Now that the dust has settled on the 2021 transfer season, we have to reset our expectations. Can Roma's new guys keep up their hot starts? What else needs to be addressed by Pinto and Roma's management?

The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire, 2021 Edition: Serie A Preview

Before we tackle Roma, we take a look at the state of Serie A ahead of the new season.

The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: Season Review Edition

With over 50 matches in the books, it's time to recap all the highs and lows from Roma's 2020-2021 season.

European Super League Reaction Roundtable

The biggest story of the weekend...the year...perhaps ever marches on unabated, so we assembled the crew to discuss all the promise and pitfalls of the European Super League.

The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: Fonseca's Future Edition

Thanks to some recent struggles, Roma have slipped out of next year's CL places, leading many to question Paulo Fonseca's future at the club. We sit down to discuss Fonseca's successes, his struggles and his future.

The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: Midseason Review Edition

With the first swing through the fixture list in the books, we take a look back at Roma's performance through the first 19 matches.

The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: Winter Transfer Preview Edition

Things are about to get crazy in the Romaverse and in order to prepare you for the winter market, we assembled the crew to set expectations and discuss possible targets.

Roma Offered Plenty of Hope and Loads of Frustration in 2019-2020

Roma failed to hit their marks this year, but there were several positive developments that provide hope for the future.

Juventus May Have Won Again, but Serie A Was Full of Intrigue This Season

With legitimate races at the top, bottom and middle of the table, Serie A was perhaps the most interesting league in Europe.

What Should Roma Fans Expect From Dan Friedkin as Owner?

There's a new boss in town, but does that mean new expectations or more of the same?

How Will James Pallotta Be Remembered by Roma Fans?

Not an easy question to answer, so we assembled the crew to give their take on James Pallotta's legacy with Roma.

Are Roma an Underdog Club?

Are Roma themselves an underdog? And what does that term even mean?

Atalanta Expert Provides Insight on Gasperini, Papu, Saturday's Match & More

Nigel from Atalanta News stops by to talk about the big points ahead of this weekend's match in Bergamo.

Derby della Capitale Discussion with Lazio Expert

Lazio writer and podcaster Jerry Mancini gave us some great insight into Roma’s eternal rivals ahead of the derby.

Talking Roma-Juve, de Ligt, Sarri and More with BWRAO

Juventus haven't been quite as dominant this season, what gives?

How Are Roma Looking After 12 Matches?

In part two of our round table discussion, we turn our focus on the first three months of Fonseca Football.

Roma Season Review Roundtable Discussion, Part I

The CdT crew assembled to discuss the positive aspects of the season gone by. Yes, there were a few.

Roma v. Juve Q&A with BWRAO

A rapid fire Q&A with our colleagues at Black & White & Read All Over

Assessing the Damage After the Monchi and Di Francesco Departures

In times like these, you have to assemble the empire.

Roma Winter Questionnaire Extraordinaire: Eight Questions for 2018

With Roma, there’s always something going on.

CdT Roundtable: Post-Mercato Edition

The summer silliness is finally over!

Roma v. Atalanta: Roundtable Review

We assemble the crew to discuss yesterday’s 1-0 victory over Atalanta.

The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: 2017 Edition, Part II

In part two we explore some Roma-related concerns

The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: 2017 Edition, Part I

It’s that time of year again.

Stadio della Roma: What Took So Long and What’s Next?

Should we start queuing up now?

Know Your Enemy: Inter-Roma Q&A

We reached across the aisle to our friends at Serpents of Madonnina for an inside look at Inter Milan

A De Rossi Discussion: Should Roma Bring Him Back?

Danielino’s contract is expiring this summer, but is a new contract in the works?

Predictions for the Second Half of the Season

No matter what happens, we’re in for some anxious times ahead.


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