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The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: 2017 Edition, Part I

It’s that time of year again.

Stadio della Roma: What Took So Long and What’s Next?

Should we start queuing up now?

Know Your Enemy: Inter-Roma Q&A

We reached across the aisle to our friends at Serpents of Madonnina for an inside look at Inter Milan

A De Rossi Discussion: Should Roma Bring Him Back?

Danielino’s contract is expiring this summer, but is a new contract in the works?

Predictions for the Second Half of the Season

No matter what happens, we’re in for some anxious times ahead.

Can Anyone Stop Juventus?

The CdT news team tackles some league wide questions in this addition. Can anyone stop Juventus?

Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

It’s that time of year again. The CdT crew assembles to make a few predictions for the coming season.

Taking Stock of Roma's Assets

With transfer season upon us, the CdT crew assembled to take inventory. Who should stay, who should go and who do we wish was never here to begin with?

Recapping Roma's Season

Roma was all over the map this season, we checked in with the CdT crew to attempt to surmise the madness.

Verona Post-Match: First Impressions and Next Steps

Spalletti Speculations: What Now?

Now that Roma and Luciano Spalletti have reunited, what can we expect on the pitch? Which player stands to benefit the most?

Roma's Winter Shopping List

This year's winter transfer window is as important as any, the CdT crew got together to discuss some names on Walter Sabatini's shopping list.

Derby Post Match: Roma Rules the Roost

After brushing off Lazio 2-0 over the weekend, and with all that has transpired over the past few years off the pitch, we ask: does the city belong to Roma now?

Inter Post Match: Bad Luck or a Bad Sign?

Was Saturday's loss to Inter merely a blip on an otherwise clear radar, or a sign of bad times ahead?

Udinese Post-Match Discussion: Mad About Maicon

Roma is riding high, thanks in large part to Miralem Pjanic, Maicon and Gervinho. We sat down and talked contract extensions, Champions League expectations and more.

Fiorentina Post-Match Discussion: Are Roma Legit Now?

Roma vaulted into first place after beating the Viola 2-1 yesterday, so what do we make of the squad now? Are they the real McCoy?

Post Match Discussion: Changes Produce Results

For the second consecutive week, Rudi Garcia shifted away from the 4-3-3 (sort of), resulting in another goal bonanza. But are these results, or was the level of competition a factor?

Post Match Discussion: Shifting Opinions on Garcia?

The CdT crew gathered after Sunday's victory to compare notes. Has our collective opinion of Rudi Garcia changed?Can they survive a brutal October? What the hell do we make of this team anyway?

The Rudi Roundtable: Should he stay or go?

After a string of embarrassing defeats and draws, Rudi Garcia's job may be on the line. We check in with the CdT crew to see how dire the situation really is.

The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: Part Two

Part two delves into more serious topics, like the future of Rudi Garcia and Walter Sabatini or which Roma player you'd like to eat McNuggets with.

The Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire: Part One

Its that time of year again. Time to peer inside our collective minds and make some Roma related predictions. Who will win the Scudetto? How many goals will Dzeko score? We tackle these and many more questions. Come see how wrong we are!

CdT Group Think: What Went Wrong Edition

We put our collective heads together to tackle the tough questions that Roma faced over the past 12 months...and...we've got nothing. Do you?

Roundtable Debate: Garcia vs Sabatini

In the wake of yet another disappointing loss, the city of Rome is thirsty for blood, but whose will it be, Rudi Garcia or Walter Sabatini?

The Next Great Roma Questionnaire Extraordinaire

The CdT staff tackled the tough/inane questions Roma will face this season. Come and see how inappropriate Jonas' answers were.

U.S. v Belgium: A CdT Showdown

In honor of tomorrow's matchup, Bren and Jonas sat down for a tête-à-tête to discuss only the third meeting between their respective homelands, the United States and Belgium.

The Roundtable: Requiem

Roma happened.

Talking Juventus & Why The Midfield Died

Mostly Juventus happened because the midfield died, in other words.

Behind The Scenes: Sampdoria (P.C. Remix)

The Roman Roundtable Lives


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