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Totti Today

Roma's European Record Since 2018 Is...Actually Pretty Good?

Three European semifinals and one trophy since 2018. There aren’t many clubs in Europe with that record, so Romanisti should be proud of their team, even if it doesn't feel like we should.

Leonardo Spinazzola is Peaking at The Perfect Time for Roma

With Roma in a dog fight for the top four, a healthy and rejuvenated Leonardo Spinazzola could be the ace up their sleeve. Jonas takes a look at Spina's remarkable odyssey.

The Coppa Curse: Will Roma Ever Lift Its Tenth Cup?

Another year, another Coppa Italia disaster. Italy’s domestic cup hasn’t been kind to the Giallorossi since 2008. Will they ever win it again? Does it even matter?

The Belotti Bust: Can Roma Make Andrea Great Again?

Poor Andrea. Poor Roma. There are no winners in this case. Will Il Gallo even stay at Roma after this season, or is there a path to redemption for this particular rooster?

Beating The Big Boys: Has Roma Finally Cracked the Code?

Mourinho has changed a lot in Rome since his arrival. But has he made Roma a worthy opponent against the big guns of Serie A?

Andrea Belotti Gives Roma Almost Unprecedented Attacking Depth

The arrival of Andrea Belotti now means Mourinho can suddenly sub in a guy who scored 100+ goals. Pure luxury and perhaps the final piece of the puzzle. Roma hasn't had this kind of depth in ages.

Diawara In Distress: What's Next For Amadou?

Stay and cash in or search for better environments? Diawara’s future remains uncertain but it’s getting kinda annoying for Roma

An Appreciation for Alessandro Florenzi and His Complicated Roma Career

Florenzi has officially left Roma. Where did it all go wrong?

Getting To Know the Belgian Barricade: Mile Svilar

Roma has found itself another Belgian. But will he turn into the next Nainggolan or the next Vermaelen?

So Long and Farewell, Davide Santon

Look, it’s your obligatory appreciation post for Roma’s now former fullback Davide Santon!

An Homage to The Absurd José Mourinho Puppet Show: SPECIAL 1 TV

It has José! And puppets! What more do you want? Shut up, it’s fantastic!

Tielemans & Castagne: Leicester’s Belgium Duo Could Trouble Roma

Mourinho better be aware of the two Belgians playing for the Foxes

Let the Vets Lead the Way: Patricio, Smalling & Mkhitaryan's Resurgence Key in Roma's 2022 Turnaround

Roma are unbeaten since February 13 thanks to their three golden oldies. All hail the Old Guard!

A Belated Farewell To Federico Fazio

El Comandante recently left Roma, and it's for one last salute.

With Help From Mourinho, Pellegrini Could Become the Next Great Roman

The Mourinho-Pellegrini pairing is off to a flying start, but how does Lorenzo stack up to Totti and De Rossi at the same age?

Totti Today: Juve’s Tweet, Rhetoric & Finding Accountability

What did Juventus hope to achieve? And no, really, it’s not rhetorical. And how can we ensure proper accountability?

Totti Today: Raggi’s Dubious Stadio Claims, Spinazzola Conquers Instagram and More

More updates Stadio della Roma, Spinazzola's IG ascension, a new sport sweeps through Italy, and more.

Mancini and Linari Join Adidas in Promoting Local Football Academy's Renovation Projects

Two Roma defenders and Adidas athletes keep their eyes firmly on the present as they promote local football.

Totti Today: Zaniolo’s Comeback, Serie A’s New Anti-Spending Law, Di Canio Against Mourinho and More

Crowbars, barbs and other attacks unleashed around Rome and Italy this week. Let Totti Today steer you through it all.

Totti Today: Club Football Saturation & the Search for Meaning in Sport

UEFA and FIFA will insist they’re my pusher, but then give me back Alvaro Recoba. You can’t, can you?

Totti Today: Serie A Fans Rooting Against Each Other in Europe, Bruno Peres’ Farewell and More

It turns out the worst insult you can call a fellow Italian football fan is a "night owl". Who knew?

Totti Today: James Pallotta’s Tell-All Story Could Be the Plot to Dunkirk

Who says James Pallotta can’t be a film-making football club owner jetsetting in from Hollywood, after all?

Totti Today: Atalanta’s Summer Transfer Campaign Will Say Everything About Calcio’s Future

In an ideal world, Atalanta have no reason to sell key players. But idealism will get you killed.

Totti Today: Life After Football According to Totti, Prandelli and Sacchi

This week saw three calcio legends talk hard truths about life beyond merely winning and losing football games.

Totti Today: Fonseca's Support Suffering, VAR Issues & Elena Linari's Dominance

Fonseca’s decision to attack VAR falls on dear ears in Rome, but his DAZN Q&A with Balzaretti was not to be missed. Meanwhile, Elena Linari is setting the standard on the Roma women’s team.

Totti Today: Mancini Drawing Interest From Abroad. Agnelli Bemoans Youth Interest in Football, Olsen Survives Home Invasion & More

There’s only one way Roma could replace Gianluca Mancini and have no one notice the difference. All revealed here.

Totti Today: Franco Tancredi Wants Alessio Cragno as Roma’s Next Keeper

He may use the word "exceptional" a lot, but Tancredi is worth the insight when you ask him about goalkeepers.

Totti Today: DAZNs Play for TV Rights, Stadium Rumors, Sponsorship Deals & More

DAZN’s charm offensive on Serie A is this week’s biggest peninsula power play, but everyone has money worries.

Totti Today: Luigi Sartor’s House Arrest, Petrachi’s Text to Pallotta and Spalletti the TV Villain

Ex-Roma player Sartor is under house arrest, while Roma fans aren’t taken by the Speravo de mori prima cast.

Totti Today: Go Directly to Fonseca Jail, Do Not Collect Armband, Do Not Pass Go

Walter Sabatini calls Fonseca a jailkeeper, Zaniolo announces his comeback, and the rest of Rome’s news.

Totti Today: Let the Lorenzo Pellegrini Era Begin

Lorenzo reigns in a week that said a lot about the ambitions of Serie A’s leading clubs Roma, Juventus and Inter.

Roma Should Do Everything in Their Power to Keep Marco Savorani

JonAS makes a plea for world peace. And Savorani’s job


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