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Totti Tuesday

The James Bond New Year’s Special: 25 Films for 25 Roma Players

There's still some time left in the holiday season, and if you're a Roma fan who loves 007, have we got a piece for you! 25 Bond films, one for each Roma player.

Totti Tuesday: Hollywood

Lights, camera... Team review!

Totti Tuesday: The Century

Ceeeeeeleeeebration time, come on!

Totti Tuesday: The longing

Painful as it is, a few words about Juve. But also the future, near and far.

Totti Tuesday: The end

The beginning of the end? Or the end of the beginning? JonAS explains.

Totti Tuesday: The point

JonAS Roma has got a point or two to prove...

Totti Tuesday: The true champions

Celebration time c'mon! Champions League memories, flashbacks and looking ahead. Roma is back where it belongs after three years.

Totti Tuesday: The empty hands

Talking about records: broken ones but also Serie A ones.

Totti Tuesday: The afterparty

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet in Rome. Another positive week and feeling in Romalalaland through the eyes of JonAS Roma.

Totti Tuesday: Comeback

JonAS Roma looks back at a week full of wins, points, stadium unveilings and fan arrogance.

Totti Tuesday: The return

... of the king

Totti Tuesday: The assignment

Roma, Kevin, myself. Three destinies, three tough roads ahead.

Totti Tuesday

About timing, a tenacious Tallo and the Toni trauma

Totti Tuesday: The Pinnacle

Win, clean sheet, Radja brilliance, same old same old

Totti Tuesday

Bradley's bald brother, Borriello's bold move and Burdisso's World Cup bubble

Totti Tuesday: The quest

Benatia IV, King of Morocco. Totti, wizard of Olimpico. And newcomer Radja, bald beauty of Roma. JonAS Roma looks back on a great week for the Giallorossi.

Totti Tuesday

Why is the defeat at the hands of Juventus not that bad?JonAS Roma, fan of theme parks, explains.

Totally Taddei Thursday : The choice

A choice all tifosi must make one day. Which side are you on?

Totti Tuesday

Talking about comebacks, Tare (Chi?) and poo poo.

Totti Tuesday: Poker

About the duel Batman-Joker, playing cards and the possible purple party poopers of Fiorentina.

Totti Tuesday: The Doll

A draw! A draw! My kingdom for a draw!

Totti Tuesday: The River

Transfer talk, river rumors, dreaming of Dembele and banking on Batman to save the day.

Totti Tuesday

Flashbacks, raving priests and the beauty of Taddei. They should concern us all. Why? Find out on this week's brand new Totti Tuesday!

Totti Tuesday

About Rolex watches, GTA V and Kate Upton's Rocky Moutains.

Totti Tuesday

Will JonAS make the ultimate sacrifice? Will his Nokia survive WO III? Will Beethoven admit Roma's musical dominance? All this and more in this week's brand new Totti Tuesday!

Totti Tuesday

Unstoppable like a train, smooth like Hank Moody, graceful like a butterfly, unpredictable like Miley Cyrus. Roma.

Totti Tuesday

Seven's the charm. Roma marches on while we take a look at Emma Watson, Megan Fox and Giuly trying to launch his NBA career.

Totti Tuesday

This week: the rules of a catwalk, how to unlock a door with your private parts and surprising your girlfriends with, ehrrrr... something shiny and hard.

Totti Tuesday

Name me one average British 80s group? Is it a good idea to mix one's balls in spaghetti? And why are girls soaking wet after dates at the cinema? This week's Totti Tuesday offers all the coverage and more!

Womé Wednesday

Ethanol or water? Do you know any African love songs? Why do you ALWAYS need condoms when at college parties? And can you keep your hands out of your pants after reading this week's JonAS Roma post? Try and find out!

Wilhelmsson Wednesday

Who is gonna be Roma's Nick Fury? Does Taddei possess any superhero powers? How to dodge the dullness in your relationship? And are camels more awesome than wolfs in a club's crest? Read your weekly JonAS Roma post for all the answers AND more!

Wahab Wednesday

Who the hell is Wahab? Why marry Totti? Will NSA shut down Chiesa di Totti after today? And can Florenzi play the slutty or shy ex? Maybe both? Find all the answers in this week's Totti Tue... ahem, Wahab Wednesday!


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